an oddity -"Scavenge Thursday"

I know all are wondering - where did I go and what did I see this week.

The first stop as always was Treasure Mart:
an Ann Arbor haunt and favorite for scavengers and treasure hunters. 
(visit them at http://www.treasuremart.com). 
A consignment shop with an ever changing supply of goods. 
Almost always priced to move.

Todays finds for me:

Love all items.

I passed by :

a great cast iron sink sitting outside ($45.00)
     an arts and crafts carved mahogany chair in need of new upholstery ($40.00) 
3 charming sets of miniature place holder stands in porcelain flowers ($5.00 per set)
     a silverplated clam shell of app. 15" dia. that opens up so that you can serve from 
     both sides of the clam at $20.00 - I should have bought that one for myself. 

The treasures await you. A great time to be there is about 10am when
people do drop offs and the first load from pick-ups arrive.

2nd stop: Salvation Army. 
That is right..............usually a quick stop. A bit overwhelming with the
mass of clothing but I have found finds here. 

A helpful hint:
no website link for Salvation Army 
 did you know that you can search your heart out and help charity by shopping shopgoodwill.com http://www.shopgoodwill.com

All Goodwill stores stash away the best goodies and list them online - 
that way you get a good bargain and they get more money for the items 
by having an auction site.


Todays cache - one lovely piece of finished needlepoint with scattered flowers.
Needlepoint #2 for the day. 

A half day passed quickly.
Time for pictures & posting.

As always, thanks for looking,
Lisa/Ode to June

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