Oh, my - fogive me followers. Time has flown since my last
VISUAL DESKTOP DIARY entry. Many travels, life changes
with a son off to college and much time spent in Leelanau  County
in northern Michigan enjoying my farm of cherry orchards & grapes.
Lovely days filled with family and friends. Always lots to do there on
victorian home that becomes neglected over a harsh winter.

I am now back to my other life & getting back to my Ode to June.
Not to delay, here is my desktop today filled with treasures found
in my scavenging this week. All this translates to lots of work.

I would love to see your desktop today - neat & organized, or a
mass of papers and interesting items. Graphics & designs in progress,
collages in the midst? General paperwork & mundane tasks of life?
It all makes for a wonderful log of daily life.

Enjoy & I hope to see a few attachments of your desk today.

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