My Scavenge Wednesday. 11-9-2010

It's the latest edition of My Scavenge Wednesday:
(also sometimes know as FAB FINDS I LEFT BEHIND)

I went out & about today for a bit to try to pick up some lovely pieces of
china to try my hand at making a few wonderful & oh-so-original cake
plates that were inspired by:

photo by: entertaining.prestonbailey.com

While I was out I spotted some new arrivals at Treasure Mart in Ann Arbor.
It was a gloriously warm day for the 2nd week of November. The best type of
days to do a slow drive by to see the new arrivals strewn out in the drive.

This is a great time for wonderful finds. The weather is about to turn cold.
People are cleaning out the garages to be sure that their cars can fit in.
Where to take things? Charity donations & the  possibility of getting a bit of
cash on a consignment sale at Treasure Mart.

For those who have been following my tweets, I have been having a serious
focus issue so today I really focused on keeping my focus & left all these fab finds
behind. With too many things piled upon my desks to work on, photo, list, and handle.
These treasure will have to wait for the right buyer to happen by.

King size brass bed $350.00 ( a great find)

old window with vintage images $45 - a steal!

everyone needs a vintage gas tank collection


their very own:
 birdcage (yet to be priced)

The bright red birdcage really did strike my fancy, but I stayed on track and
came home with 12 plates just as planned.


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