GLAMPING: glamourous camping

I cannot help but think about spring & summer when it is
a bare 2 degrees outside while in my jammers at 1 in the afternoon
with a great cup of coffee.

A perfect way to while away a sunday.

GLAMPING is a european craze that has hit the north american continent
to a smaller degree. In short, glamping is glamorous camping - combined.
(aka: camping for those who do not rough it well)

Think hi-design, vintage specialty items & gourmet coffee.
Add in Pendelton wool blankets and high tea at noon.

I cannot wait to try it & am contemplating the purchase of a
reproduction civil war tent. I am imagining a four poster bed,
an oriental carpet, and vintage paint-by-numbers on the walls of
the tent. Why not add a victrola with a horn & oodles of candles.

A great vision.

Stay warm & enjoy.


'GLAMPING: glamorous camping' by OdeToJune

A european craze: glamping. glamourous camping. roughing it in style.think out of africa. gorgeous goodies in the tent. tea at noon. cozy wool blankets & coffee on the fire in a vintage pot.

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