Preparing for Spring with Bird Prints

The greyness of winter is back upon us after a
brief touch of 50 degree weather and

I had a desire this weekend to add a little
spring into the house.

Steps taken:
-a new orchid for my bedroom in hot pink
-3 daffodil plants in blue & white
planters as you enter the house
-switched out the bedspread for the
pale yellow coverlet

It's a fresh start but it needs more!

I have a huge number of vintage bird prints,
both framed & unframed. A few are in the shoppe, but
the remainder are sitting on a shelf.

I think this should be step 4.

Birds en mass.......covering the walls of one of my rooms,
basically everywhere!

Here are a few inspirations I found.
If you have birds upon the walls -
send a pic & add it to the blog.


Please visit my PININTEREST "Decorate with Bird Prints"for links & sources to each of the

As always, thanks for visiting!


  1. Cool! I don't have any bird prints on my wall! However, they are outside in the trees around my home! I love the ones that visit daily!

  2. Gorgeous collection of bird prints! Spring is such a wonderful time of year to add bird pictures throughout the house. They look great anywhere! I found you through the Etsypreneur team on Etsy. Wonderful blog! =D