L O V E the vintage appliances

It seems that lately on my scavenger hunts I have been happening upon more & more vintage
ice boxes encased in oak. No longer functioning, a harbinger to the past when keeping food cool was a true advancement in daily living. For food to become non-perishable or at least to last a bit longer must have given such a feeling of freedom for women of the day.

And so began the habit of - "What's for dinner?" and "Let's see what's in the fridge".

I am so envious of those who have refurbished these & bought them into their home to actually use. Most of my vintage collections are merely items to be gazed upon, except for dishes and silver serving trinkets.

For a sampling of what can be done, check out this SteamPunk kitchen with the most wonderful appliances - they might even make me want to cook.

Visit the Chambers Stove Lovers Website for more stoves to Covet and to possibly find one to buy:

Ramona's Vintage Appliance Forum always has a variety of vintage appliance stories for all of us to drool over. Check it out!

Next time I happen upon one, I will think twice!


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