Some new Loves

Absence. I have been in fact absent.....
busy. too busy. I may add that I have not just been
slacking off but have in fact been
working on my website, my etsy, my listings, my scavenging,
my designing, my networking,
business building, thinking & planning.

I am happy to say I am beginning to see some results. People are
responding & seem to like where I am going. I love meeting new people
via the sites I am working with and the people who are buying from me.

It is evolving which is great.
I am also pleased to announce that I have a
follower on my blog. That gave me great joy.

In life it is in fact the little things that mean the most.

I will be off to the mail box shortly and I believe I have some
Spoonflower packages there. I will post some pics if they are there.
My plan is to post the inspirations as well.