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The advertising ups & downs article is now also posted on:

A great blog, all about vintage & vintage Etsy sellers.

Love that team!

advertising UPS & DOWNS

Martha at Open Door Studio invited me to be a guest blogger
to discuss my recent advertising ventures.

Such fun - I have been meeting wonderful people and was happy to

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Is it Wednesday again?
Time for another post but I need to do a bit of scavenging first.

As always, enjoy.



Taking under a huge task......

Been working late into the wee hours trying to transfer all my photos
onto Flickr..........a great place to store your photos, keep them public or private.

For me, it is a wonderful way for me to keep all of the photos of items that
have come and gone. Also, a way for me to group them together by type.

It is also a social networking site for people of similar interests.
I belong to an Etsy group, collage images, decoupage & Enid Collins.

All photos uploaded.
Tagging now.....

For a look:


Visual Desktop Diary: Entry #2

The desktop has evolved.

It waxes & wanes as treasures are found and
previous finds are sent off to new homes.

A few things end up on my own shelves to display
for a bit.

This is entry #2 of the "Visual Desktop Diary".

I would love it if people would attach a photo of their
current desktop in it's current state......