edition #3 
Time was short and the snow was falling 
but I did my usual antique and vintage 
scavenge day and came upon some 
wonderful finds. 

I wanted to get off the path of vintage 
trims, embroideries and needlepoints. 
I tried hard to focus on some 3-dimensional
items for a change but still ended up
with a few of my usual loves. Textiles.

Here is a sampling of the things that 
caught my eye, soon to be listed on  
odetojune.etsy.com .

As always, enjoy!

I am spending more time focusing on my own designs -
keep checking in for progress reports and prototypes.


What caught my eye today?

2nd Edition of  

Time was limited today for my hunting & gathering 
venture but I did go out with a 1 hour window.

What can you find in an hour?
Plenty if you are staying focused and trying to keep your 
eyes out for only what your buyers have come to know 
you for.

Wonderful finds from a fine eye.
Here is a sampling. from todays outing:

I will plan on a full days outing next week and 
will be heading out to some new places outside my 
usual radius.

Look for the above to be listed soon.

As always-


an oddity -"Scavenge Thursday"

I know all are wondering - where did I go and what did I see this week.

The first stop as always was Treasure Mart:
an Ann Arbor haunt and favorite for scavengers and treasure hunters. 
(visit them at http://www.treasuremart.com). 
A consignment shop with an ever changing supply of goods. 
Almost always priced to move.

Todays finds for me:

Love all items.

I passed by :

a great cast iron sink sitting outside ($45.00)
     an arts and crafts carved mahogany chair in need of new upholstery ($40.00) 
3 charming sets of miniature place holder stands in porcelain flowers ($5.00 per set)
     a silverplated clam shell of app. 15" dia. that opens up so that you can serve from 
     both sides of the clam at $20.00 - I should have bought that one for myself. 

The treasures await you. A great time to be there is about 10am when
people do drop offs and the first load from pick-ups arrive.

2nd stop: Salvation Army. 
That is right..............usually a quick stop. A bit overwhelming with the
mass of clothing but I have found finds here. 

A helpful hint:
no website link for Salvation Army 
 did you know that you can search your heart out and help charity by shopping shopgoodwill.com http://www.shopgoodwill.com

All Goodwill stores stash away the best goodies and list them online - 
that way you get a good bargain and they get more money for the items 
by having an auction site.


Todays cache - one lovely piece of finished needlepoint with scattered flowers.
Needlepoint #2 for the day. 

A half day passed quickly.
Time for pictures & posting.

As always, thanks for looking,
Lisa/Ode to June


Doing a check for my phone feed......how great will that be when I am out and about scavenging.

Snow day, listing day

This was supposed to be 
my first "Scavenge Wednesday" 
on the blog, but since I am snowed 
in it will be a listing 
day instead.

Vintage eye spectacles 
a kimono 
swiss military bread bags

Lisa /Ode to June


loving my new fabric designs created on spoon flower that I just posted for sale.