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GLAMPING: glamourous camping

I cannot help but think about spring & summer when it is
a bare 2 degrees outside while in my jammers at 1 in the afternoon
with a great cup of coffee.

A perfect way to while away a sunday.

GLAMPING is a european craze that has hit the north american continent
to a smaller degree. In short, glamping is glamorous camping - combined.
(aka: camping for those who do not rough it well)

Think hi-design, vintage specialty items & gourmet coffee.
Add in Pendelton wool blankets and high tea at noon.

I cannot wait to try it & am contemplating the purchase of a
reproduction civil war tent. I am imagining a four poster bed,
an oriental carpet, and vintage paint-by-numbers on the walls of
the tent. Why not add a victrola with a horn & oodles of candles.

A great vision.

Stay warm & enjoy.


'GLAMPING: glamorous camping' by OdeToJune

A european craze: glamping. glamourous camping. roughing it in style.think out of africa. gorgeous goodies in the tent. tea at noon. cozy wool blankets & coffee on the fire in a vintage pot.

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Journey to RePurpose

Great news for Michigan.

We have a new player in the state bringing a focus
to Northville, Michigan. The premier of Cash & Cari
prompted me to go visit her store called RePurpose in
Northville which is just a skip away from Ann Arbor.

In short- I loved it.

It is a store with new items chosen with a great eye,
(most of which are made from old items that have been
reclaimed, recycled & repurposed) and a mix of finds
from estate sales and consignment items. The shop blends
together a fabulous mix of silver serving items, jewelry,
clothing, furniture & home accessories. Even an antique
printing press turned into a table

You name it. The list goes on & on.

Here is a mere smattering of what we saw:

It is a great boost for Michigan and the shop
was abuzz with visitors.

If you live nearby, stop over.
Visit them online at RePurpose
Visit the quant town of Northville.

Eat lunch at Le George.


FAB FIND I LEFT BEHIND.......1.13.2011

It is a crazy busy week for me with an upcoming
bat mitzvah on Saturday but I could not resist
doing a bit of scavenging on Wednesday.

Lots of finds to be found these days with people
making resolutions to finally getting organized.
The old adage, one persons trash is another persons
treasure always holds true.

Fab finds I left behind this week: