vintage luggage R E I N V E N T E D

V I N T A G E   L U G G A G E

A harbinger of nostalgic memories of times gone by from family driving vacations cross country to a leisurely airplane flight less frought with stress than todays. Although hard side luggage is making a comeback, the items from years gone by can be put to use within the home with a bit of creativity.Above, Maureen Bower posts a rustic selection of luggage stashed on a shelf to store all the spill-overs most stylishly.

For a most creative venture, Recreate turned an old suitcase into an extra seat. Add 4 legs. Detach the back and re-attach it at a lower level. Cushions & V O I L A. Charm.

Emily A. Clark, in her blog feature- STYLISH STORAGE, features this example of storage turned home decor. Remember - form follows function. As a support for a table topped stuffed with items barely needed.
A perfect solution.

Tackle the storage of items that need their own place. Knitting. Craft Projects. Thrift Core has amazing ideas for stashing all the goods away. Check out their blog for more options.

We all know how the bathroom goodies can quickly scatter themselves all over the bathroom countertop.
To keep all those items organized - take a cue from ETSY seller, VanityCase, with a creative solution to turn a suitcase into a medicine cabinet.  Give it a go yourself by purchasing your own vintage luggage piece from a garage sale, Salvations Army, or buy one of many listed on ETSY.

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as winter nears: HUDSON BAY galore


Apologies here to my readers, I have in fact been absent.
Too busy with the end of summer & fall goings-on. Children
back to college and back to school.

Organizing my business & organizing myself
(or rather organizing everyone else but myself)

It seems that despite the 80 degree weather in Ann Arbor
these past few glorious days, winter will surely be upon us

When our son left for Vermont for college for the first time a
year ago, we showed our true approval of his choice by buying
him an authentic Hudson Bay coat to keep him warm through the
Vermont winters. No easy task as the company had discontinued
their classic design made from the Hudson Bay point wool blankets
- creme in color with bold wide stripes of red, black , green
blue & yellow. You know the one:

One was found after much hunting in the back room of the Hudson Bay
Company store located in Vancouver. He loves it & wears it beginning
with the 1st fresh snowfall in the Vermont mountains.

All of the above prompted me to explore the classic Hudson Bay
blankets: where to find them and what delights are made from them.

By definition, the Hudson Bay point blanket began as blankets made by the Hudson Bay Company to
trade with the North American Indian Tribes in exchange for beaver pelts.

The "points" refer to small lines woven into the blankets that actually
referred to the size of the blanket.

Considered to be a beacon of the heritage of Canada,
the originals are coveted and reproductions can be found.

Looking for a coat? Items carrying the classic design motif?
Selections abound.

Try "The Bay" for items made directly by the originators of the Hudson Bay blankets.

A wide variety of vintage blankets and coats are also available on Ebay and Etsy.

A few samples below:

For additional Hudson Bay items I have found in my wanderings,
please visit my Pinterest Board: Hudson Bay Galore.

I hope to be writing more -
I have a backlog of posts in the midst of completion.

Thanks so much for reading & hoping all are well.

As always,