S I L V E R: tarnished & beautiful

Personally, I prefer my silver tarnished. 
Whether it be jewelry or old trays and candlesticks.

I have had a stack of beautiful silver trays scattered 
 about my house stacked one on top of the other on various table tops.

 On the hunt for just what to do with them , I am
inspiration by the photos I have found of silver trays on walls.

This is my new plan! I just need to go to the hardware store & 
get some heavy duty plate hangers.

Note: none of the above are polished - I love that.



Loving the S W I S S

I have always loved the simplicity & style of the SWISS ARMY BLANKET The creative have used these blankets to creat wonderful household goods & personal accessories. I adore them! Here are a few inspirations: Have your creative juices flowing? Buy them at a virtual bargain for $72 each, limited stock. As always, enjoy!