Life gone array: confessions

Oh, my. I need to ask forgiveness for neglecting my blog
for so many Wednesdays. I have been crazy busy working, finding
and listing.

I just joined a great new team on Etsy (not entirely new but I am a
new member) called the Vintage Market Team.

Please see the link
at the side of my blog.

Here is a sampling of the recent finds that I am soon to list.
Keep in mind - only a sampling.

I ventured out of Ann Arbor last week on a sunny glorious day.
Just me, the road and a very vague idea of where I was headed.
Wonderful time. I even got good and lost.......loved it.

I happened upon a 3 floor antique mall with treasures galore in
Blissfield, Michigan.

This will be a new haunt for me.

As always, Enjoy.

I am going to try to focus on how to set things up right so that people can actually follow-me.
A bit of an issue - something is amiss with the feed.

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